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Automated transcription for students

Automated transcription for students

An easy speech-to-text solution for everyone

In many degree programmes, students have to follow lectures and take notes at the same time. Research and interviews are conducted. Later, the audio and video material must be transcribed, i.e. typed up or even be translated. The audio of videos, especially if the language is difficult to understand, must additionally be provided with subtitles. Or the transcription is needed for text analysis. No matter what the purpose of converting speech into text is - it is a tedious, time-consuming task.

Wouldn't it be great if you could simply record the lecture with your mobile phone and then transcribe this file automatically? Or transcribe the recorded video interview with timecodes, create subtitle files or even automatically translate it into another language?


The deadlines for handing in term papers can be very tight. Every hour counts. Considering that it takes an average of six hours to transcribe an hour of audio, it is worthwhile to use a service that automates the transcription, translation and subtitling of audio and video files in a short time. And this "saved" time can be used quite well for other tasks, such as analysing the transcribed texts and drawing conclusions.

With the Transcribe-App for slack from aiconix,  automated transcripts can be created simply by dragging and dropping - without any technical implementation - very easily and quickly and for a student-friendly budget.

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