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The advantages of video transcription

Why video transcription and subtitling are important

Nowadays, adding transcripts and subtitles to video content is essential because it makes your content accessible to a wider audience

  • who cannot listen to your videos due to a hearing barrier
  • when the spoken language is not their native language
  • when the sound cannot be switched on - such as on public transport or in a doctor's waiting room.

But how useful are video transcripts in SEO?

  1. Transcripts provide Google and other search engines with relevant keywords. With transcripts, you show the search engines what they are looking for and increase the chances that your video content will show up in search results. In fact, pages containing more than 2,000 words are more likely to appear in the first ten search results on Google, so transcripts of longer videos have a great chance of being listed high up.
  2. Link building cannot happen without text. Videos don't have text. Transcripts do. If there is no text to insert links, there are no backlinks anywhere - and backlinks are one of the pillars of SEO strategy.
  1. By exporting the dialogue as text and posting it on your website, for example, you integrate references for different parts of the video, whether they are just statements or actual quotes. This not only provides your audience with a better understanding of what you want to share, but also adds some relevant links on your website. Your content thus becomes much more quotable for other websites and paves the way for more relevant backlinks.
  1. Create additional content: Transcripts can additionally be processed for blogs & articles.

Sounds like a lot of work?

An automatic transcription converts the audio track of your video into text in just a few moments and also provides you with a subtitle file.
And we save you any technical effort: you simply upload a video file to the aiconix slackbot and the automatic transcription returns a text transcript in the desired language.

How it works?  CLICK here for a Video-Demo

Want to try it out?

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