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aiconix Blog: AI

In conversation with... Studio Hamburg and Hapag-Lloyd


"Great potential especially for the topic of accessibility"

In conversation with... APA


"The dialect recognition would be a real game changer"

Accessibility to media content


Subtitles for better accessibility to media content

In conversation with.. VRM


"Journalism can only fulfil its task if it is and remains relevant"

Accessibility and inclusion at Austria Parliament


"As an administration open to new technologies, we are observing speech recognition software and...

Accessibility and inclusion at ORF


"Inclusive design and accessible services are relevant to all of us"

AI for Beginners


Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Short History of AI

The development of artificial intelligence since its beginnings


Interview: Eugen Gross, CEO and Founder aiconix

What is your fascination with artificial intelligence?

You can realise ideas with artificial...