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  • 07/2018: First Providers on board
  • 02/2019: Launch aingine and bests results available
  • 06/2019: Subtitling feature available
  • 11/2019: Implementation of new features, e.g. Faice Detect, Person Recognition
  • 03/2020: Launch slackbot for DPA
  • 06/2020: Launch slackbot on slack marketplace
  • 09/2020: Launch Live Transcription

IFB: Innovations Förderungs Bank 



aiconix GmbH:  founded in April 2018

Business:  AI platform for media content

Funding to date:  € 1,475 million (+€500K IFB/Corona Rescue Fund)

Current roundwe are looking for a € 600 000 convertible loan in Spring 2021  to support a push in sales, further product development, and strong KPIs by Q4 2021

Goal:  secure a seed round of €2 million by the end of 2021.


We are BAFA INVEST* certified.

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(*INVEST is a German goverment support program to provide greater access to capital for young, innovative companies: as an Investor, or company located in the European Union, you will receive 20 % of your funding back from the goverment.  You must register and remain engaged with the investment for 36 months. BAFA is the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control.)
More information (in German):


Eugen L. Gross

Founder & CEO

As a cameraman/producer with 25+ years experience he knows the frustration when a video, with all the premises to be a success, fails. Eugen has a clear vision what is needed to set a new industry standard. Through his Executive MBA studies, he discovered his interest in data, AI and the use of these in the creation of content. He loves cycling, ideally in the mountains of his home country Austria.

Mariel Prange


MBA Columbia University, 10+ years experience at IBM in different Corporate Finance functions, 5+ years freelance Business Development activity advising SMEs in Italy / Germany. She finds it an exciting challenge to have moved from multinational corporations to the start up world and enjoys spending time in Hamburg.

Matthias Lau


Matthias Lau is our IT all-rounder with a great passion for software development, machine learning and innovative digital products. He conceives, coaches, designs, plans and develops the next innovations for the media industry together with the team. Besides the colorful world of software, he loves Chrome, the Apple Multi-Touch Trackpad, bouldering, Wikipedia and espresso.


nvidia inception program white

aiconix is part of Oracle´s acceleration program that enables business-building partnerships for startups, connecting them with Oracle´s customer base, providing mentorship and expertise and benefits such as free cloud credits.

aiconix is part of the NVIDIA Inception program. Through NVIDIA Inception, aiconix has access to unparalleled support, ranging from training through NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute, to unlimited access to their developer forums.


  • Thomas Jansen 
  • Hauke Hansen 
  • Malte von Trotha




hit-Investor GmbH

Garz Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

Fricke Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH


Jens Schumann 

Ragnar Kruse 

Kim Nis Neuhauss

Hauke Hansen

aiconix uses Investory for their investor updates and reportingavaialable for registered users only:  

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