Automated Audio & Video Transcription

When you just don't feel like typing your audio-visual content anymore

and you really want it to go fast.

Stop typing and

let the AI do the job for you

The Transcribe App from aiconix, is a speech-to-text integration for SLACK®. An easy-to-use tool to transcribe audio as well as video files automatically in the instant messaging service and to generate subtitle files.

Sending an audio or video file to the "aiconix-transcribe" channel automatically triggers the transcription. The app then generates the transcript and subtitle file in the activated language. Currently 9 languages are available - more languages available on request.

Need a translation? No problem.
A translation of the subtitle files is also possible. The translation is currently done automatically into English and from English into German.

After each transcription process, you will automatically receive

  •  1 transcript in the original language
  •  1 subtitle file in the original language
  •  1 translated transcript file
  •  1 translated subtitle file
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How does it work?

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60 Minutes free - TRY NOW

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