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aiconix PRICING

General Description

The following prices are part of the aingine terms and conditions of usage starting 01.09.2022. The prices are subject to change. Specifically, we will adopt the current price offered by providers and automatically pass through any of their price changes. aiconix’ service prices have been updated. As an initial offer the aiconix aingine Best Results algorithms are included when purchasing the respective feature until further notice. For your information we show the prices in Euro. At the end of the month the monthly exchange rate for the conversion into Euro will be used. The tiers apply monthly. If you are exceeding or planning to exceed any of the highest tiers of any feature and provider - or 1 million calls of an open end tier (" - ") please inform us to ensure a constant speed of operation. The service includes, among other things, the possibility to upload content via an API interface, specially programmed by aiconix, as well as connected third-party services (e.g. Cloud Services) and thereafter let those services analyze the content based on different parameters, as well as to combine analysis results of different services and to generate Best Results. The files currently have to be smaller than 2GB. For features with the same name, the exact content of the API response can differ by third-party service and input media type. The exact feature description of the features of third-party services can be found on their websites. Features that find and detect attributes (e.g. objects, scenes, etc.) in a media file were trained on these attributes and return results often with a certain confidence.

Pricing Lists

Please check which price list is valid for you according to your invoice.

Feature Descriptions (in alphabetic order)
Find major blocks of a video
Find brands and logo
Returns the majos categories the media file belongs to
Returns the prevalent colors
Detects that should be moderated for minors, e.g. violence etc.
Finds emotions
Finds faces
Returns the name of faces it was trained to recognize
Returns attributes like gender, etc.
Returns the positions of eyes, mouth. etc.
Assigns a fixed ID to a face and clusters all faces that belong to the same person
Returns the name of fashion items it was trained to recognize
Returns the colors of hair detected
Returns the major IAB categories the media file belongs to
Returns the keyword / keywords of a media file
Finds labels, e.g. objects or scenery
Returns the name of landmarks and places it was trained to recognize
Returns the location of objects
Finds objects, tracks the through e.g. a scene and returns the location over time of the tracked objects
Finds written text in images and videos
Finds persons, tracks them through e.g. a scene
Returns the positions of body parts
Finds shot cahnges of a video
Returns the size of a shot, e.g. close-up, total, italien, etc.
Converts speech files into text and provides them with appropriate timecodes. It is also possible to generate timecodes for manual transcript of a file. The aingine can additionally creat a subtitle file
Subtitling of video live-streams
Translates texts and, for image and video, translates the results of Label Detection and Content Moderation
Returns the majos topics and categories the media file contains
Returns the name of cars it was trained to recognize and the shot angle
For any questions please get in touch.