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With aiconix Live

you make your video streams searchable and you expand your audience with automated subtitle integration and translations in more than 24 languages.

Reach people with hearing deficits and international audiences.
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aiconix Live is an easy-to-use AI solution for transcribing, translating and subtitling audio and video streams.

Through an easy-to-use web interface, you can set up our AI for your audio and video streams within 5 minutes and easily access our service via secure web push and pull URLs.

For multi-channel applications and automated control, aiconix Live can also be accessed via our API.
Why use aiconix Live?
aiconix Live is created for internet streams, radio and TV broadcasts by our team of experienced broadcasting  experts.

We deliver highly accurate, formatted transcripts as text files or streams within seconds. We also offer return of videos with burned-in subtitles.
While our predictive multi-AI solution provides best results and accuracy, our dictionary, "sound-likes" and web editor enable digital delivery of (translated) transcripts and subtitles in perfect quality and near real-time.
aiconix Live is available in over 24 languages. Learn more about languages and the technical workflow here:
How others use aiconix Live


We offer volume and subscription packages for customers and resellers.

For high volume applications, please speak to our sales team for a customized quote.



2022-09 Customer Prices

2022-09 Reseller Prices


Package Name
Trial Conference

Billing Period 

30 Days 14 Days
Parallel Streams  1 2
Transkription Language 1 2
Endpoint Forwarding 0 2
Licence Cost - €  500 €
min. consumtion hours  0 0
max. consumtion hours 
2 12
consumtion - € - €
Editor* inkl inkl
add. parallel streams - € 500 €
Translation Languages x  4
translation per hour & Language inkl 


Package Name

Billing Period 

1 Month

1 Year
Parallel Streams  4
Transkription Language 4
Endpoint Forwarding 3
Licence Cost 750 € 8.250 €
min. consumtion hours  50 500
max. consumtion hours 
- -
consumtion 10 € 8 €
Editor* 50 € 550 €
add. parallel streams 125 € 1.375 €
Translation Languages 4
translation per hour & Language 2,50 € 2,40 €


Package Name

Billing Period 

1 Month

1 Year
Parallel Streams  10
Transkription Language all
Endpoint Forwarding 10
Licence Cost 1.500 €  16.500 €
min. consumtion hours  730 850
max. consumtion hours 
consumtion 4,11 € 4,00 €
Editor* inkl inkl
add. parallel streams 125 € 1.375 €
Translation Languages 10
translation per hour & Language 1,50 €  1,40 € 


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