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Audio-visual data analysis, automated transcription, subtitling, speech-to-text and live streaming transcription

AI for Beginners


Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Short History of AI

The development of artificial intelligence since its beginnings


Solutions to transcribe Live-Events

How automatic transcription works


Automatic transcription solutions link acoustic sounds that...

The advantages of video transcription

Why video transcription and subtitling are important

Nowadays, adding transcripts and subtitles...

Interview: Eugen Gross, CEO and Founder aiconix

What is your fascination with artificial intelligence?

You can realise ideas with artificial...

Automated transcription for students

An easy speech-to-text solution for everyone

In many degree programmes, students have to...

Automated Subtitles are the Future

The difference between open and closed captions

Open captions are a text alternative to the...