AI One-Stop-Shop for audio, video, image and text

We use intelligent AI technology to support people and organizations in optimizing their work.
With one API, easy integration and no commitment to a provider, we deliver best-in-class results.


One API to AI' them all

aiconix offers B2B solutions that aim to improve productivity by giving customers simple and immediate access to the most recent AI innovations.

Our platform — an AI one-stop-shop — offers a range of features like face recognition, speech-to-text conversion and labelling from pictures and videos, in addition to our own exclusive features.​

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Wide scope of applications

No matter if you are a media company, a marketeer, a journalist. Or a law firm, podcaster, student, DAM or CMS player. If you are a media producer or in the surveillance business.

The AI solutions by aiconix help you to monetize your audio and video content by making information within searchable and accessible.

  • You need to log your recently recorded interview?
  • You want to subtitle your video clips for social media?
  • You are looking for certain topics within your audio recording?
  • You’d like to find a matching video or audio file for your article?
  • You’d like to find matching content from various media sources in your archive?
  • You’d like to enhance automatically your media archive?
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What our customers say

"aiconix has understood how to build a product that gives publishing houses easy access to AI technologies and is quickly scalable. The strong response from the NMA network shows the great potential of aiconix."

Christoph Hüning & Nico Lumma (Managing Partners)
next media accelerator GmbH

"aiconix has various Pain Points in view, which move a media house around the topic video. This makes them interesting discussion partners."

Christian Radler (R&D)

"Data without metadata is (almost) useless. By connecting aiconix we are able to generate this descriptive data automatically for our videos and can therefore produce better content faster. This is the first step into the age of automation."

Marc Jonas (CEO)
Nachtblau GmbH

"With the help of aiconix’s recommendation service, incoming videos are immediately keyworded, indexed and assigned to topics. This allows our online editors to immediately integrate suitable videos and put them online. No video remains unused due to missing metadata. Old treasures and evergreens are made discoverable and optimally used."

Matthias Paul (Production Manager Film/Video)
NOZ Digital GmbH

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