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AI for Beginners


Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

The Periodic Table of Artificial Intelligence, published by the industry association Bitkom e.V. and inspired by the systematics of the "Periodic Table of Elements" known from chemistry, is the perfect introduction to artificial intelligence. It helps to systematically reflect on the purposes, opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence without getting lost in the thicket of technical details.

A total of 28 functional AI elements are presented in the periodic table. The spectrum ranges from speech recognition to relationship learning.

The periodic table defines AI as a combination of basic elements, each of which represents a sub-function. The individual elements are interconnected. Each element belongs to one of three groups: Assess (recognition), Infer (processing) or Respond (reaction). After clicking on the corresponding symbol, a detailed explanation appears, among other things, of what the respective AI element does, for which tasks it can be used in the company or how it is connected to other elements of the periodic table.

For each element, the website also gives an answer as to how one can recognise its economic significance and also who offers corresponding technologies and solutions.

At the same time, the site aims to mediate between theory and practice and to explain possible hurdles in the use of the technology in everyday life. In this context, this overview is aimed at corporate decision-makers who want to deal with the use of AI in their individual everyday business, as well as politicians and journalists who want to inform themselves about the possible uses of AI.

The "Periodic Table of Artificial Intelligence" can be accessed online at: AI Periodic Table.

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