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Automated Subtitles are the Future

Automated Subtitles are the Future

The difference between open and closed captions

Open captions are a text alternative to the spoken language of a video. Translated subtitles are often used here when the original audio is in a language other than the viewer's native language.
Closed captions not only present the dialogue in written form, but supplements it with additional information about background sounds, music and other noises that are part of the scene. When you turn on a subtitled feature film, you see a good example of closed captions.
Open captions are mainly for people who can hear the audio but need the dialogue in written form. Closed captions are for people who cannot hear the audio and need a written description.


Why are automated subtitles the future?

Videos and live streaming have become the accepted medium of communication. To reach any audience, a solution that provides fast and accurate subtitles is needed. Current speech recognition engines are improving day by day and will reach human-level understanding in a few years. aiconix offers various AI-based subtitle solutions that extend the speed and scalability of automated speech recognition engines with an additional human correction capability to achieve the highest accuracy. In addition, there is the possibility to automatically translate created subtitles into many languages.

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